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About Me

Seriously? I´m talking about myself in the third person? Well, I have to rethink this. Don´t like it. Lets start from scratch. My name is Auke Huys, I´m a 21 years old guy from Wuppertal, Germany. I love to be creative in many ways and so I decided to set my focus on 3D and movies. Its my passion to create whole new worlds in 3D and write film scripts to create the non-existing. Beside this I´m very interested in Web Development and Print Design.

Im not a real 3D Artist, but it is my wish to be one in the future. To get a step closer, I work nowadays as a trainee in a media agency with the focus on 3D and film. This is it. Ups. I forgot something.

I´m a Freelancer for Web Development and Print Design - Hire me.


3D Visualisation
Visual Effects
Print Design
Web Development
Game Development

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